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Hey Guys,

I got ACS results positive for ANZSCO Code 261313 - Software Enigneer. I chose RPL route (since i have BE in Telecomm Eng.) and as expected got a 4 year deduction, and Work after Sep 2014 counted as relevant experience for claiming points.
* My SD for job 2 was obtained from colleague in July 2017, however i continue to work in same organization
* Result letter states work until July 2017 since reference letter dated July 2017.
* Got a promotion recently from Senior Software Engineer to Software Team Lead. Roles are unchanged but the TITLE has changed.
However, I have some questions around claiming points:
1) Should I get a review done over the ACS Result for the current role. Since my ACS letter reflects to my role in job 2 as SSE?
2) I have got promotion in October 2017, can i safely claim points till Sep 2017 without claiming the points from October 1st 2017 that would be in Team Lead role?

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