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Hi Seniors,
I am having queries regarding ACS assessment. Request you to provide your advice and feedback. I am currently a citizen of India.

1. I have an engineering degree in Mechanical. I also have an advanced diploma on Software modules from APTEC. Would this be considered when considering the years of education? I read that they dock 4-6 years for non Major ICT degrees.

2. I have 14+ years of work experience in S/W product development of which 4.5 years were promoting and running my own product development company. I am planning to provide
a. Documents for company incorporation
b. Certificate from a Chartered Accountant on their letter head about the authenticity of the company and nature of business. If there is a format for this , please advise me.
c. Statutory declaration(self ) on a stamp paper worth rs 100 notarized by a notary public.
d. Business card with designation
e. Form 16 submission for those 4.5 years.

Is there anything else which needs to be submitted. I am very particular because i am anticipating 6 years of reduction for my non major ICT degree. Hence these 4.5 are quite critical for obtaining maximum points.

Kindly provide your suggestions/feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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