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Hi All,

I had a few clarifications on the ICT qualifications and what makes the cut. I did my B.sc Electronics(3yr) from India and working as a Systems Engineer for the past 4 years. I am planning to apply under job code Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263111.

Below are the list of subjects in all semester.

Fiber optics and opto electronics.
Microwave technologies and application
Data communication
control system engineering
Audio and video electrons
computer technology
Programing language C
Analog ICS and communication Laboratory
Electronic Instrumentation
Digital signal processing
Modern Communication system
Network Theory
Mycroprocessor and peripherals
Didital ICS and Microprocessor

Here are my questions.
Does this qualify as ICT major Qualification ?

I am thinking this would fall under an ICT qualification but ACS also says that my field of work should be closely related to the Qualification.

Will this be a problem ?

Would really appreciate any inputs...

thanks :)

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Most probably, your degree will be ICT Major, so you should get a positive assessment.

Check page#4 of ANZSCO-Descriptions.pdf and see if your subjects are closely related to those listed there. At least 65% of your course contents should match.
Assuming ICT Major, furthermore, how closely are those subjects related will determine how many years of experience you will lose (so to speak). In either case (2 or 4 years), you won't get any points for employment. But, at least you will get a positive assessment and can claim 15 points for your graduation. You will have to come up with the remaining points with better scores in your English language test.
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