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I am 9 year exp IT Techno-PM, trying to get skills assessed by ACS on my own.
I received following email and submmited the additional docs.

Please upload the following documents:
• Certified copy of detailed employer references for all your experience we include a description of your role and responsibilities.

Each employment reference must contain:
1. Start & Finish Dates of Employment
2. Description of Duties Performed - required to determine the relevance to the nominated occupation.
3. Hours worked - Full time or Part time
4. Country where Employment was Completed
5. Company Letterhead and signed by the author


I changed 4 jobs, and can not get this from all employers, but got reference from my supervisors in all those organisations and notarised it and submitted to acs. I also submitted an affidavit mentioning the timeline of all my jobs and roles and responsibilities. obvious none of this doc was on company letter head and doesnt follow point 5 above.


the problem is the status is not changing. its still stage 3.
please advise. shall I wait further, if yes, how long ?


15-aug-13 ACS assessment application submitted
26-aug-13 received request for additional documents
4-sep-13 additional documents submitted.
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