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Hi there KatyJane,

I too am a bookkeeper and am qualified, I hold the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Level 3 Diploma, But for all my studies and exam taking, when I arrive in Australia and after having them approved, my qualification will only get me affiliate membership to the Australian branch of the ICB regardless of being a full member of the UK branch.

To get full membership I will be studying in Australia and then will need to prove work experience in Australia. As with all trades and professions in Australia, the systems are much more strict than the UK and that can only be good for the trade/profession and of course the customer/client.

So, I will be in the same position as you. That should make you feel better :eek:)

Go to the ICB Home Page they offer advice on qualifications etc. I have been in touch with them and they are very approachable and helpful.

There are some online courses available to gain Australian Qualifications, but they do seem expensive. I felt that with all the hassle involved in getting to Australia I will be better to wait until I arrive so I can concentrate on the study without stress or distraction.

Hope this helps.
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