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Hello again!

I wanted to ask advice on what to include for proof of adequate accommodation for mine and my husbands future living situation (his current living situation!):

He is currently living in a lovely 3 bedroom flat with another couple. He is subletting the room from them. The landlord knows this and is fine with them subletting to whomever they want.

Here is what we were going to get together:

1. Letter from the landlord stating X&Y can sublet the room to whomever they want.
2. Letter from X&Y saying that they are subletting the room to my husband and that I am more than welcome to stay once my visa is approved.
3. Property Inspection Report
4. X&Y's Council Tax Bill
5. My husbands voter registry and credit card bill (to prove occupancy)

Is there anything else we should include? Do we need X&Y's tenancy agreement??
Thanks so much!
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