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Hope everyone is best in his spirits.

I am new to this community. If my questions offend anyone than my apologies in advance. I want to ask few questions and hope that seniors will guide me.

I am an ACCA Affiliate (Association Of chartered Certified Accountants) I have 3 years of working experience as Accountant.
My quries are

1) I have done ACCA after intermediate, can I apply for PR on basis of ACCA or graduation is must?

2) Being an accountant what are options for me for visa application i.e. 189, 190 or 489?

3) Is it compulsory for me to have ACS or its only for computer related professionals?

P.S: Any other Accountant or ACCA who want to pursue his career in Australia are welcomed to join hands!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot for your support help and guidance.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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