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Hi there,

I'm a new member and would like to ask some question.

Describe my situation as below.

---Time line---
2008 completed BS of EE in my home country
2010 completed MS of Computer and communication in my home country
2011 - 2014 three years work experience in Software industry
2017 completed MS of Technology in Australia.
---Time line---

The idea is that I'd like to use the previous degree to do ACS assessment, which means use the overseas degree to do the skill assessment.

- As I know that I cannot assess by my Australia degree to claim the work experience because it occurred before the degree, so the experience doesn't count.-

After that, I use Australia degree to claim Australia study (5 points and regional area extra 5 points) when I fill up the EOI.

Does this idea work? or does it exist any issue?
such as the degree for the skill assessment must be the same as your EOI's one.

I cannot find much information about it online, so I create this thread.
Hope it does not bother you.

There is an issue with the above scenario.

By not providing correct details, you will be violating the rules and hence may be rejected VISA if found out...

By the way what happened after 2014 and before going for MS in Technology?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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