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Hi Everyone!

Mike and Stephanie here...just your average professional couple who after 25+ years in the rat race is tire of jogging on that metal wheel that gets you no where fast.

We've decided on Ecuador and would love to hear from anyone who's made the leap...especially if you've done it cold turkey so to speak. We took our first trip back in July for a week and drove from Manta down to Puerto Lopez then over to Crucita and then on to Canoa.

We're still trying to decide on the right coastal town but, with its close proximity to Manta, Crucita and Canoa are looking best. Neither of us are really ready to retire...so considering different possibilities as far as continued income; maybe a coastal B&B and rest/bar? That's still so up in the air and this is still at the beginning stages..but we'd like to relo with the next year possibly two at the most.

Thanks so much...and we look forward to hearing from and getting to know folks living there now! :)

Mike & Steph
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