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I have been offered a training session by an Iranian company in Sharjah UAE. They have applied for a 90 day visa for me but it has been rejected. Although no reason is given, the company tells me it has been rejected due to "security reasons". I then applied for the visa from Pakistan but it is also rejected. The travel agent here tells me:

1. The visa was rejected due to security reason.
2. Previous visa file is still open and unless it is not cleared from UAE immigration, I can not apply for a visa in future.

I am not sure if #2 is correct. The company in UAE tells me the visa is rejected due to current geo-political situation.

I am a frequent visitor to UAE, visiting on short term (14 days - 1 month) visas and my visa applications were never rejected in the past.

Can anyone shed more light on this? How can I reapply and is it true that I can not visit UAE until the said file is closed?

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