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Hi Experts

I just got an email from the DIAC that my case is now decision ready.

I have submitted this application in 2008 when i was onshore (866) but had to leave as i got a very good opportunity of job in 2009. In 2011 my case manager was assigned and i have been ask for various documents.

Now i got an email today mentioning that Applicants must be onshore for the 886 visa to be granted & You will now need to approach your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate for information regarding a visa to re-enter Australia. You now have 28 days to return to Australia for the decision to be made. If you remain offshore, your visa may be refused.

I am currently in KSA & on frequent travels to different countries due to job nature and my home country is Pakistan.

Is there a special visa category for such cases or do i have to apply visit/tourist visa to re enter in Australia. Secondly is it necessary to be in your home country to apply for this visa.

Awaiting for your prompt reply.


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