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Hi,we need help please with regards to my USA g/f coming to live in UK,First let me give you some of my information,i am a british national,i am disabled with artheritis,i am unable to work,also in 2004 suffered a heart attack,i live in a 1 bedroom flat and have lived here since me and my g/f met,which will be 7 years this coming March 2010,the flat is owned by the local housing association ( council )and i have been setting this up over the years ready for when the time came for us to be married,so she has a respectable place to live with nothing at all needed,i have NO savings,because of not working and setting up a home,and plus flying to the states 4 times,took alot of saving for those trips alone..now my g/f's info into why we have waited 8 years......

Ok,she was divorced 8 or 9 years ago now,and her divorce settlement meant her second payment to her for reasons that are personal,would not be available till june of 2009,so that's the reason why we waited so long,plus this year her car would be payed for and she could do her taxes in Febuary of 2010,she has now of this week recieved her payment from her ex husband,so she has 30,000 dollars in savings,she is a LPN nurse,which we know means nothing here in the UK,but she will be working in the care communtie when she arrives here ( hopefully ).....she has visited the me in the UK 3 times,the last time we saw each other was october 2007 for her sons wedding,the last 2 years i have been sorting my flat out improving things,now the time is here for us,to start the ball rolling...

ok we really need all the help we can get with this please,we are looking at marrying in febuary 2010,now she has her money and the car can be sold,and she can get her taxes sorted out,can anyone see at all if we should have any problems applying for a settlement visa,i will be flying there and marrying her in New York,can we apply in person to the New York consulate,or does it all have to be done online?..reason i ask if we can apply in person,is because i will only be there for 2 weeks,and i believe they need my passport?...but i will need this to fly back,i know some of my questions might seem silly,but i want to know if we are going to stand any chance of getting her here,i will leave it at that for now,hopefully one of you kind people here can advise me sorry US where to go with this and the best way,cheers and beers all and thank you for reading this plea
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