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Dear all,

I (32y, german) am looking to apply for the 491 as a trained apiarist (2 years experience as full-time apprentice, trade qualification "animal husbandry worker, subject area beekeeping"). This profession is on the STSOL, but when doing research on the VETASSESS website, I came across the following quote:

"Please note that unpaid / partially paid leave, volunteer services or work towards gaining professional skills and/ or qualifications will not be considered as paid employment at the required skill level of a nominated occupation for skills assessment purposes."

It appears to me that my 2-year full-time, paid apprenticeship would fall squarely into the third category, namely "work towards gaining professional skills/qualifications".

I also hold a B.Sc. in "environmental science" (no work experience), and am wondering if VETASSESS might categorize my bachelors degree as highly relevant towards my nominated profession of apiarist.

Does anyone have a take on this? The prerequisites on their site seem to be specifically worded in such a way as to weed out people who have just graduated or earned their trade qualification.

I'd appreciate your input here :)
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