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I’m going to apply for visa 489 to NT. I have had a bachelor’s
degree since 1999 but without diploma supplement (academic transcript). I have been working since that year according to my qualifications and the education received. So I have 16 years of work experience.


I got my master’s degree last year (2014) and it goes with a supplement (academic transcript).

I want to get 15 points that stands for : “ skilled employment for at least eight and up to 10 years (of the past 10 years)”. But will they count the years of my work experience after getting my master’s although I have been working much longer before? It’s almost impossible to get a supplement for my bachelor’s degree so it would be the easiest way to submit my master’s but what about my work experience being counted in years? And what about VETASSESS? They need a academic transcript and diploma suplement.

So, can I send to VETA only master's papers (diploma suplement, transcripts). Propability they will count one year of job experience.
Then, can I use my bachelors diploma to get visa 489 and get 15 points for a job experience?
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