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Hello All,

I have been off and on this site for some time, since I unsure if I'll ever relocate to Australia. I was last in discussion with my employer in June hope for a transfer and sponsorship. Unfortunately this fell through.

I decided to purse again the option and emailed a few companies and recruitment agencies. I heard back from one and spoke with them discussing my options. I was told the 457 is becoming hard to get due to the government crackdown. Other options was to try on my own, find state sponsorship and so forth. He did mention that it's foolish and odd my company wouldn't sponsor me since I've been with the company for so long. He familiar with some upper management over there are said he will reach out and ask why they wont and try to help out. :fingerscrossed:

He mentioned since I am under 30 I could come over on a 462 Visa and find work since my field is always hiring. However my concern is once I'm there on that type of Visa I will not find a company that would sponsor me. How difficult would it be to obtain a 457 or any other type to make my stay permanent. :confused:

If anyone has other suggestions I am opened.
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