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Hi all, Me and my family are wanting to move to Australia pref Perth or Sydney ASAP, we have been toying with the idea for about 3-4 yrs and now have set our hearts on it.
The only trouble were falling on is getting a job that will sponsor my OH so we can apply for the visa.
His highest qualifaction is NVQ in tourism but then left school and worked as assistant manager for the co-op superstores, 10yrs and several promotions later he was area manager to several supermarkets and gained a whole load of diff skills, then had brief spell in engineering and is now is finance company(which he does not like in the slightest) .
So really his ideal job would be retail manager but this does not get you a visa!
So we are trying to pull on his skills from within those jobs and find employment there but its so hard and I am losing faith that we will ever get there!
We have 2 young daughters and need to be able to give them security when we get there.
Does anybody have any ideas as to what we can try to get over there(and pref ASAP) :)
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