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I would like to get some help understanding the possibilities of getting a relative to Australian for 3 months on Sponsored Visitor Visa category.

I'm on PR (189) and my wife is on Partner (Provisional) Visa (309). We wanted to have my wife's aunt (sister of mother) in Melbourne for our kid's birthday, so Aunt applied for Visitor Visa 600, under general category (without sponsorship). The application got rejected saying

  1. Not enough evidence to support the stay in Australia (as she's a widow, unemployed so we couldn't show enough funds from her side, but we showed the properties she owns)
  2. Not enough family commitment and work commitment (I believe it was as she was a widow having grown children and as being a house wife)

So I'm wondering if my wife (309 partner visa) could sponsor her Aunt. I could see in the description of family stream, that the sponsor must be a PR or a Citizen. I'm doubtful how to proceed on this. on VEVO it shows my wife's "PROVISIONAL RESIDENT" and with indefinite stay. We have lived in Australia for 1.5 years now.

My Questions are:
  1. 1Will the application be rejected if my wife sponsors her Aunt as she is still on a provisional visa?
  2. Is there any other possibility to get her here for 3 months?

Thanks a lot for your help! Counting on your responses :)

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Under family sponsored visa you or your wife must meet 2 years resident requirement. Your wife can't Sponsor her if she doesn't meet this criteria.

Your wife's aunt can reapply by providing enough financial evidence, I can't think of any other way.

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