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hi, everybody!, nice forum!

I've been reading to the posts about spouse visa,
but there is a question plz..

First the context,
Im applying next week for my spouse visa for australia, im colombian, we been with my wife for more than 6 years, living 4 of those in colombia, we have a newborn baby, and we own an apartment and a car here, I work with robots and hardware design, and my wife is a teacher. Weve decided to move to australia for the baby,

we need to get pretty quick to nz, the country of my wife, because her grand mother is very ill and wants to meet the baby soon...

so we want to move, soon,

the question,
if i apply from colombia they want me to stay until the new visa is granted,
but we need to move in maximum 3 months,
can i speed up the process to achive this? because the information people say it will take 6 months,
what other option do you think there is?

thank you
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