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Guys some news which can be termed good in case they implement: ACS is considering putting ICT Security code into SOL, which might mean we can go for 189 post July in case they implement :)

"Given the focus of the Skilled Occupation List in the medium to longer term, the ACS believes the following
occupations should be added to the SOL because of the ANZSCO specialisations and alternative titles included
in brackets:
 261312 Developer Programmer (Applications Developer, ICT Developer, and ICT Programmer)
 263113 Network Analyst (Network Designer, Network Strategist, Network Consultant, Network Architect)
 263212 ICT Support Engineer (Support Architect)

With the proliferation of multiple devices, and multiple platforms being introduced into ICT Infrastructure, there
will also be required high level skills in ICT Security and hence 262112 should also be included.
pls see this link:
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