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Hello everyone!
I am a 26-year-old boy from Spain who has been saving money for the last two years so I can try to find my way overseas. Singapore looks like a pretty interesting destination to me, but I must confess this would be the first time I would actually live by myself since I have always attended my studies at my hometown. Besides I have done great efforts to gather some money and I would hate to waste it in a senseless trip.

So far, I have a Bachelor degree in Law from Deusto University, I have also completed a 3 year course in Film editing and postproduction. I speak and write fluently in both English and Spanish, I am good at languages indeed. I also speak a little bit of German and I am learning Japanese on my own.

I have worked as a waiter for the last two years at the same restaurant, having achieved a food manager certificate. I have combined this job with several short film editing works.

I have explained these skills to you because I am kind of afraid of not being "good" enough for Singaporean demands. If I could choose, I would rather not working at anything related to law since I do not really like it, but I would not refuse if other options were not temptating enough. I really like hospitality business, and I also like languages, so I would love to work in that area as long as salary would allow me to have a decent life (I am a money saver, and rarely spend big amounts of money). I am also interested in script writing (for TV, films, videogames and RPG games) and in playing drums, but I do not know if these skills would be welcome in this country.

To sum up, I would be grateful if anyone could just give me some hints about how "impressive" or "anodyne" this "résumé" is.

Thank you all in advance!
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