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Hello every1,

I have completed Bachelor of commerce from Mumbai university(India) . I have been working as a Accountant and m currently based in London. I am planning to apply for skill assessment under 221111-Accountant. can anybody guide me whether
- a graduation degree from Mumbai University( India) considered as equivalent to AQF degree?

- University syllabus with contents of Accounting theory but referred as 'Accountancy' subject, still considered valid?

- Subjects like Law and Taxation taught with Indian curriculum, still valid?

- Lastly, can i send the docs before the Ielts Results and share the Ielts Test Report Form (TRF) Number later via email?

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

I have purchased subscription for CEP of India (AEI-NOOSR) and am willing to help the needy ones with information.

Thank you
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