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glezhia / well done! Happy to hear that your hard work pays off, but do try to get some time off too. It sounds like you deserve it! All the best wishes for 2011.

cami / you are absolutely right. Provided you have someone home....

Gerrit / yes, Belgium is a mess. I follow the events a bit more closely there since I have a good friend from Belgium, and he is stuck in South America for 8 years by now! Haha! Yeah, some world events are pretty gloomy; I am worried about the Palestinians, I am not anti-jewish or even anti-Israeli, just worried about things are going. It just seems so much more difficult now than 30 years ago when I visited all areas of Israel/Palestine and talked to so many people. Racism have to be resisted and faught everywhere, everyday, small and big, it is a struggle.

Anyways, hang on in there, Gerrit, look forward to read the highlights of 2011! :)

Belgium has always been a mess but it just gets worse. I'm from the Flemish side myself but happily admitting it's the Flemish nationalists who ruin the whole thing. I hence call myself Belgian but not Flemish. I have not the slightest pride or emotional connection with Flanders and oppose the idea of a Flemish state. But with its xenophobic and conservative tendencies, Belgium is overall messed up. I am glad to live abroad. It's such a beautiful country (including my native city Ghent, like a trip back in time 700 years in terms of architecture) but it becomes ugly when you look further than just staring at the buildings. The Belgian society is in a bad state. Unfortunately. I am not happy to say it but denying is useless as well.

I seem to have this thing with politically messed up countries. I lived in Belfast, I lived in Berlin (which used to be a symbol of divide), I now live in Catalunya and my dream is to move to Israel. And I have a special interest in North Korea... I seem doomed or is it me that brings bad luck to whatever country I show interest in? :D

But hey, I'm very ambitious on personal level, I really wanna make my artistic plans work out. That is making me incredibly motivated to make 2011 a great year on personal level. On non-personal level I can only hope the western nations finally stop sticking their nose in other countries' businesses so that North Korea or Iran don't need to go into self-defense, things could get pretty nasty in that case ...
21 - 33 of 33 Posts