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I'm a 20 year old African American college student who is going to live in Shanghai for my study abroad in September. When I tell people, or when I search things something troubling keeps popping up. Many people say the Chinese are unnecessarily racist and have no manners. They say they will laugh at you and call you "Heiguizi" or "heiren" (I do know some Chinese, I'm aware what these mean) and generally don't respect your personal space or personal autonomy (demanding pictures, conversation). I hope I don't sound too American here. I really mean no offense. But I do want to know what I'm getting myself into.

Honestly, I turn heads here in my own country (and I mean that in a very humble way,I actually don't like the attention I receive). I'm a 36 ddd with a 26 inch waist, and 36 inch hips, with thick long black curly hair (middle of my back) and I'm five feet tall with a baby face. I'm also a college hurdler so my I'm very fit, and my muscles in my legs are a bit more defined than most women. I know this is not the ideal woman in China, and I don't care, but my good friend who is a Chinese international student here from Beijing, told me that people would laugh about my big breasts and behind both of which I cannot help. He also told me I might not get into clubs and people would be afraid of me! (I get the EXACT opposite here at home lol)

I just want to know if these claims are something you've seen or experienced. Is this true? If it is, fine, I will still enjoy my time and the people and the academics anyway, it is my life after all :)

Thank you!
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