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2 Year Fixed Price Electricity with Iberdrola

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A man from Iberdrola called today ( he seemed genuine) and offered to fix the price of our Electricity ( price per unit) for 2 years. I think this was if we paid our bill every 2 months without the estimated bill every other month. Does anybody know anything about this? He had no information on paper that he could give us and we can't find anything about this on the Iberdrola website. Thanks for your help.
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Be careful!

This IS a genuine offer but;
  • The prices turned out to be more than I was paying before
  • The first bill was 1 month after I signed and not 2 as quoted
  • The 10% discount offered is only on the potencia contracted and not on energy consumed as I was told

I suspect I will still be better off but be careful to check everything.
Thanks for the information. Did you actually see anything in writing?
Yes - 11 pages of 'small print'.

It did mention the energy and potencia rates but they quote per month and the bill charges potencia per day.

In truth, I was confused between potencia and energia - I may have assumed that I would get 10% discount from energia which is not the case.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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