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2 Year Fixed Price Electricity with Iberdrola

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A man from Iberdrola called today ( he seemed genuine) and offered to fix the price of our Electricity ( price per unit) for 2 years. I think this was if we paid our bill every 2 months without the estimated bill every other month. Does anybody know anything about this? He had no information on paper that he could give us and we can't find anything about this on the Iberdrola website. Thanks for your help.
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Not 100% certain, I asked him for identification which he didn't have, but we live in a small village and he was chatting to our neighbour who is an Electrician, as if they knew each other, before I answered the door. I will ask him when I see him whether the guy is legitimate.. Also there was no pressure to enter the house or part with money and he told us to think about it and left his phone number for us to call him if we wanted to sign up for this.
This plan is not what was being offered. I see electricity prices are going up anyway, so if it is a genuine offer, we may have missed the boat.
Have checked with our neighbour. The guy is from Iberdrola (and lives in our village). However our neighbour knew nothing about the offer.
Thanks for the information. Did you actually see anything in writing?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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