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First of all, I would like to introduce myself as far as this is my first post here ;)

My name is Tomas and I am 28yo, come from Slovakia(EEA). In Slovakia I finished my medical degree, then I moved to UK and worked there for about 8months as a junior doctor. I had my GMC registration etc...but later I've realised that I dont like this job and came back to my passion - software development. I've focused on mobile technologies such as iOS,Android,WP etc...

I have about 2-3years commercial experience in english speaking countries - UK, Malta and I would like to move to NZ.

Obviously I've realised that my medical degree might not be enough for immigration officers, so I've started studies on Open University, this week I should be awarded by certificate of higher education in Computing&IT and from this November I will continue my path with - Postgraduate certificate in Computing&IT towards Masters degree.

So back to questions...my wife finished same uni than me and I asked for PAR with her result of level 7. Which mean that my degree in medicine is 7 as well. But as far i know I cannot apply for SMC in software developer if my degree does not fit! So I want to apply with my certificate only. But I saw couple of posts here, when people were reject by stating wrong qualifications.

Can you please advice me how I should proceed in this case when I have:
- Level 7 Degree in medicine
- And probably Level4 in computing&science

I am flying to NZ in couple of weeks to find some job, I am quite confident to find some as far as there is no many iOS developers and we are demanded...

So if I am counting right:
- character 30
- work experience at least 10
- qualification at least 40
- wife qualification + EN - 20

So At least 100points + about 50 for job offer if I get it => Selected

But as I said I saw many posts here with rejected SMC and I really want to avoid this :D
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