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190 Visa - Need advice on dependent's state obligation

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Hello friends,

I just received a grant and planning my move to Oz. I am on 190 visa nominated by NSW. Need help on following questions related to dependents :

1. Is 2 year obligation applies to primary applicant only or dependents too ?

2. We are planning that my wife will go first to our relative's place in Perth and do diploma related to teaching stuff there. Is it valid that dependent can study and live in another state other than nominated state ? Will it create any problem in future. Please note that I,being a primary applicant, will go to Sydney later and abide by state obligation. I am just confused about dependent's case whether she can study or live in another state or not.

Looking for an advise from you guys.

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Thanks Chiku and Himadri for your inputs.

My wife would study in Perth but stay and work with me in Sydney post completion of diploma. So that means she would also work in NSW except her studies. Will it still be an issue ?

Check your grant letter and you will see that it clearly states that you are a primary applicant and others are secondary

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I have checked my grant letter and nothing specific mention on my grant letter. No condition is mentioned on it. Totally confused.:confused:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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