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Hi Expat,

Hope all doing good.
I have got victoria state sponsorship and submitted the EOI with 60 points. Now i have been invited to apply visa.

To my bad, just now i found that i filled EOI for extra 5 points in employment which i am not eligible for. So confused what to do now.
Even though currently am eligible for 55 points, i get 5 points on 13th june 2015 for completing one year in Australia.
So my question is,

1. Whether i continue with the current invite and lodge the visa after 13th june (where i qualify for 60 points)? and provide correct relevant employment details while lodging visa?
2. Whether my case officer will accept the details provided in the visa application or he will question me for wrong EOI data ?
3. Or withdraw the current invite and raise a new EOI after 13th june ?
4. Will i get a new sponsorship for the new EOI ?

Please suggest and provide a solution for my problem.

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