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Dear Friends

I submitted my EOI in Dec last year with 70+5 points. I was nominated by NSW and after everything else, I lodged my visa application on 8-Mar-2017. I got e mail from CO on 16-Mar-2017 requesting Meds and Form 80 among few other ID docs of my son. I provided them all documents with allowed 28-day time except passport of my new born which was under processing at the time. Based on the guidelines provided in their letter, I wrote up an explanation letter and uploaded on my immi account stating I need more time to produce passport of my kid. I also e mailed this letter. I did this on 8-Apr-2017. AND PRESSED THE BUTTON THAT SAYS "ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED". Probably this is where I made a mistake.

On 19-May-2017, I received passport of my kid and I uploaded that straight away. Also e mailed them but no communication except confirmation that e mail was received. In Jun-2017 I uploaded bank statements as an extra evidence that I deemed they might need. So far my application is "UNDER ASSESSMENT".

1. I am wondering if I made a mistake by pressing the button confirming all info was provided that has pushed my application at the end of the queue when CO found only a letter explaining passport in progress instead of actually having the passport.

2. Second concern is, if the processing times are from the date ALL required documents are provided (which in my case was 19-May-2017) or it would be the time when documents were uploaded the latest (which is somewhere in Jun-17).

Can I send them e mail? Is there any way I can know what is happening to my application.

Please help.
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