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Hi Guys,
my sister's degree is nutritional science, which can be assessed either as dietition or nutritionist.
I found dietition in Victoria's list for 190 and nutritionist in Queensland's list for 489.
I know it's better to apply for 190, but the problem is that dietition is assessed by DAA and the assessment process takes a long time (at least a year). also the assessment includes two exams.
on the other hand nutritionist is assessed by VETassess which is much easier to get.
Consequently, I was thinking about getting a 489 visa for her.

if she comes to Australia by 489(nutritionist), can she apply for 190?
I mean, can she assess her degree again for a different occupation which is dietition while she is living in Australia under 489? do two different assessments cause problem?
I appreciate any ideas that may hellp me
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