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Hi Guys,

I have already obtained the ACS and completed the IELTS (7, 7,5, 8, 8.5). Hence I am planning to submit my EOI for the 190 visa. My ANZSCO Code is 261111 (ICT Business Analyst). I have 60 points with the state sponsorship(55 + 5). However I have few questions here,

1. As of now, the only state that accept ICT business analysts are NSW. Is this a good time (with next two days) to apply to NSW ?

2. Or should I wait till 1st of July and apply for the Canberra ?

3. What state has the highest probability of getting selected (NSW or Canberra)?

4. Can I submit a EOI for NSW now and another one for Canberra later ?

Appriciate if you can help me out. I am bit loss here.

Manny thanks !
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