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I got invite from NSW and here are the list of documents I will be submitting for NSW nomination:

Mandatory Documents:

1) Birth Certificate
2) Passport (Photo page and Address Page)
3) PTE Scorecard
4) ACS Report

5) CV

6) Graduation Degree
7) Graduation Transcript
8) Graduation all semester marksheets

Optional Documents:

9) Old Company Offer Letter
10) Old Company Experience Letter, Relieving Letter and Resignation Acceptance Letter
11) Old Company Quarterly Payslips
12) Statutory Declaration from Senior Colleague for Roles and Responsibilities
13) Old Company joining email

14) Current Company Offer Letter
15) Current Company HR Letter (without Roles and Responsibilities/salary – just contains dates and designation)
16) Current Company Quarterly Payslips
17) Current Company Promotion Letter for Designation Change
18) Statutory Declaration from Team Lead for Roles and Responsibilities
19) Current Company joining email

20) Form 16 for all years (I don't have IT Returns for all years)

I was in US for about 1.5 years from my current company. But I was on daily allowance of $ X per day with continued Indian Salary. I am submitting following documents for that:

21) I797 Approved Petition
22) Latest I94 from US government site
23) Latest Tranvel History from US government site
24) Passport Visa pages with stamps
25) US Short term assignment offer letter from Current Company
26) W-2 Wage Statement (I think its something similar to form 16 we have here and is provided by company but is just of half a page)

Doubts and Questions:

1) Do we need to submit Marriage Certificate or any other document for my spouse or dependent kids ? I am not claiming points for my spouse.

2) I don't have IT Returns for all years and form 26AS for all years. Should I submit only for the years I have or ignore them altogether and just go with form 16 for all years ?

3) Do I need to submit US Tax Return documents ? They are of around 50 pages per year. (Company pays any US tax obligations and takes back any tax returns which comes in my name. I think its a legal practice followed by all companies for guys on daily allowance)

4) I have closed the bank account where salary was credited for old company. So I might have online bank statements in email. Do we need to submit bank statements for all months ? Are online statements considered valid ?

5) Am I missing any document above which needs to be submitted or recommended to be submitted ?

Thanks for your help!

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1) Do we need to submit Marriage Certificate or any other document for my spouse or dependent kids ? I am not claiming points for my spouse.
If you are including them as migrating family members then, yes, you need to upload their (spouse &kids)
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