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Hello guys,

I was just wondering if one of you had some documentation or analysis on what is used by the DIBP to sort the long list of EOI for 189 visa.

1) Some 70 pointers from pro rata occupation pass before 75 pointers of other categories. Why is that? Do they have kind of a priority? For pro rata occupation ceilings, is the number of invitation always :

(occupation ceiling for year) * (2/52) = (invitation per round for that occupation)

Even if there are some higher pointers in other categories?


2211 Accountant
ceiling: 4785
to date: 717 (4785*2/52 = 184 * 4 rounds = 736)

2613 Software and Applications Programmers
ceiling: 6202
to date: 930 (6202*2/52 = 238 * 4 rounds = 954)

Those numbers match pretty well for this year.

2) If my point 1 is true, the fact that no 2613 65 pointers were invited this last round of august means that they are having 238 new 70 pointers the last two weeks? That seems like a lot since they invited 2 months of 70 pointers every round of July.

What Am I missing? Do they deliberately block every invites below 65 for now? Is that something they did in the past?

Thanks for your help,
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