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1) What are the requirements for adding parents as dependents?
- My parents are both alive and living together
- My parents do not live with me right now
- Both of my parents are retired now
- My father gets a nominal pension

Can I still add them while applying for my VISA?
What documents my CO can ask me for proof of them being dependents?
If their visa is rejected, will the fee be refunded?

2) Additional fee for their application will be $1500*2 on top of my fee $3060, right?

Really appreciate if anyone can help, I want to apply for my visa application as soon as I can. Thanks.

You can not add both parents as your dependants.

They are your not your dependants by DIACS rules as they are a married couple and dependant on each other and not you.

Even more so they do not live with you so are not your dependants.

They do not qualify and yes the visa will be rejected for all of you if you wish to keep them on the application after you are told they do not qualify by the case officer. There are no refunds if any of you are rejected.
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