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Hi Guys,

New to this forum so getting my head round the logistics of it.
Here's my story to those who are interested:
I have just moved to dubai from the uk after being offered an opportunity I cannot refuse and one I would never get back in the UK given that I had no intention of going to university. I left all my family behind and move out here alone albeit stating with a family friend who has been out here for 7 years, until I can afford to put myself up. I'm starting to feel the loneliness of it all, as I depend on my family a lot, and I love going out with my friends, but I just can't do it here as I don't know anyone, just wondered if there's anyone my age/or in th same situation? What is there to do in dubai? I have a particular interest in cars - I love them! So if there's any lads out there that have the same interests give me a shout :thumb:
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