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2 questions from visa application.

1. It is specified

Provide details of all visits to countries, not including Australia, for the last 10 years

Now as Iam in UAE and visits frequently to my home country Pakistan, so should I mention those as well or I should mention all the countries visited expect my home country (Pakistan).

Kindly advise.

2. While uploading documents, I came across 2 document types

Evidence of Work Experience
Evidence of "Specific Work Experience"

What is the difference between these 2.

Lets say if I have worked in Company1 and Company2 and Iam combining the experience letter of both companies in single pdf the I specif "Evidence of Work Experience", whereas if I provide 2 different pdf stating my experience in the 2 companies, I shall select "Evidence of Specific Work Experience".


Evidence of Work Experience means Experience Letter / Promotion Letters etc and
Evidence of "Specific Work Experience" means Tax return docs / payslips etc

Kindly confirm?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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