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I have a question regarding family sponsorship.

I am currently persuing state sponsorship with NT but want to know if that fails can my uncle, WHO LIVES IN QUEENSLAND, sponsor me to live in NT (Darwin/Katherine) area? I have recieved conflicting reports... some say he has to live in NT some say he can live anywhere in AUS (he is a perm resident, living there for about 5/6 years)

Lastly, just for info purposes... I see a lot of people asking about finances required for sponsorship and most of the answers are that you have to have cash. My agant advised me that if I had the equity in a property that would be okay. So I bought a bank repossessed house and paid R500 000 under the market value (R500 000 = AUD$ 76 000). According to them I just need a current valuation and statement from the bank of what the purchase price was to show the equity... this will then cover my requirement to show "assets" of AUD$65 000. Maybe this will help someone else.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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