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I don't know if I already asked this question before (short term memory), but here goes.

I submitted my Visa 175 (Me as the skilled, and my wife and 3 kids as dependants) in October via courier from Malaysia.

DIAC emailed me on the 8th of October saying they have received my application, etc (I think you all know the standard email that is sent to all of us).

In the email it says that a Case Officer will be assigned to me, but my question is WHEN?

Also, when do you guys expect me to get my Medical and Police Checks done?

And when do you think my Visa will be approved (assuming it does). Because here's the thing, Me and my family are thinking of going to Australia for a holiday in June 2010 (some cheap fare promo on Air Asia). So if the Visa is going to be approved before June 2010, then I can use that Holiday as the "Initial Entry" requirement. However, if you think that it won't be in time, then I better defer my holiday to another date as I might have to go twice and that's a waste of money, especially to bring the WHOLE family.

Please advise.

They say in their processing faq that 175 CSL will be processed within 12 months. Personally I would hold off on the trip until I get the visa, since nobody knows for sure whats gonna happen with DIAC.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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