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Hi, I submitted my application in July 2011 and today i received an e-mail, but CO only requested for Form 80(PCC) for me and my spouse.

but in the online status I can see Medical is also required/outstanding.

summary of online status.

14/03/2012 Form 80 - Personal particulars for character assessment Requested

14/03/2012 Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificates Required

02/07/2011 Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray Required

02/07/2011 Form 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa Required

14/03/2012 Overseas penal clearance certificate 2 Required

My Questions are
Shall I proceed with Medical or I wait until CO asks to do so.
Is it normal they request for Form80 (PCC) only and request for medical later.

Thanks in advance for your help.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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