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Hi forum members,

My parents are here on subclass 600 VISA with 'no further stay' condition since Jan 2018.
They intended to stay until Jan 2019. But as I plan to apply for their 143 PR, I am travelling back to India with them and lodging the VISA application from there. After lodgement, I intend to have them back here in a month's time with the same subclass 600 VISA they currently have.
My questions are:

1) Will the same 600 VISA they have allow them to enter Australia after applying for VISA 143.
2) Will I get any acknowledgement / letter / email saying the 143 application is accepted by PVC so that I can get them back here after that.
3) Once they are here and go back after having stayed a cumulative 12 months in the tourist VISA, how soon can I apply for another subclass 600 when their PR is in progress ?
4) I am their sponsor, so am I required to be in Australia when the PR application is couriered to PVC ?
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