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10 grace period for visit visas

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My 30 day visit visa runs out on the 5th of March so my first visa run is imminent. I've heard there is a "10 day grace period" and I was wondering if anyone has recent personal experience of doing the visa run with an expired visa? If so, what happened? Did you have to pay a fine? Were you waved through?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi all,

My brother came Dubai on 30 days visa (which is finished in 26Dec).Can he have 10 additional days to stay here.But,the agency is not telling abt this Grace 10 days.

Can Anyone Explain more about the Grace period ?

My Visia ends in two days, American Passport with a 30 day Visa
Any passport that gives a visa on arrival is in effect a 30 + 10 days, so if you do a visa run on day 39 or 40, you're OK.

We just went there last week on the 34th day of our visa and nobody told us anything. Everybody was friendly and it was the same as when we went before the expiration date.

Just take some cash with you in case you have the bad luck to deal with a bad agent.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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