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10 grace period for visit visas

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My 30 day visit visa runs out on the 5th of March so my first visa run is imminent. I've heard there is a "10 day grace period" and I was wondering if anyone has recent personal experience of doing the visa run with an expired visa? If so, what happened? Did you have to pay a fine? Were you waved through?

Thanks in advance.
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Did a visa run to Hatta on March 1st, i was on day 39 since last visit.... no problems at all.. also Oman visa now costs 50AED instead of the 200AED it cost on previous visits...
The 30 day visa in your passport is I assume a UAE visa, so the 10 day grace period is ok.... I went on my 38th day again last month and all ok. also if driving fill up with petrol in Oman as its even cheaper than Dubai..

40 days
Hello ... I am coming up to my 30th day on my visa on arrival in the UAE and I am also a UK citizen and passport holder... however!! ... Would I qualify for the 10+/- grace period as I came through Sharjah airport or would this rule apply for ONLY Dubai or is this for ALL the UAE Emirates???

Please reply soon I am on my 29th day here
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