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Hi all,

I recently got invited but I am considering whether to apply or let my invitation expiry.

In my EOI I originally claimed 65 points. However, as I have been working more than 1 year in Australia, the system automatically updated and gave me 5 extra points. Here the invitation with 70 points.

I do have a positive skill assessment by ACS (based on my Master of IT and PY ), but I didn't include the work experience in it. I in fact didn't plan to claim those points at the beginning.

I met an immigration agent and called DIBP twice, they all suggested me to lodge my application, as long as I can prove my working experience.

However, the more I read forums and DIBP website, the more confused I get. I am concerned that I am overclaiming points (unintentionally, as I wasn't aware Skillselect automatically updates your EOI). Points of confusion:
- work experience is not assessed by ACS (yet), but I do have pay slips, reference letter, etc
- even if I request a new assessment, ACS won't give me a full assessment as I don't meet the 2 years requirement
- it is not clear whether DIAC will consider my 1 year experience in Australia after graduation without assessment

Any recommendation?
Thanks :)
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