Udon Thani City Guide

by Jose Marc Castro on August 19, 2007

Udon Thani is a city in the northeast section of Thailand, which is about 560 kilometers from Bangkok. The capital city of the province that shares the same name, Udon Thani is the largest commercial center in this part of the country.

The city draws much of its income from rice farming and other agricultural activities that are mostly located in the center of the province. In recent years however, tourism has gradually started to catch up, and is how one of the highest revenue earners of the city.

Residential Places in Udon Thani

The increase of cheaper and more direct flights into Thailand has brought about a corresponding increase in the number of property buyers in Udon Thani. Located on a plateau with gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean as well as the lush rainforests and towering mountain peaks, Udon Thani makes a great place to build a vacation getaway or a second home.

Some concern has been raised over the period of slight political instability that the country has recently experienced, but real estate industry experts as well as political analysts are unanimous in their opinion that it is a short lived situation that should not have any lasting effect on the real estate industry in the Udon Thani and the rest of Thailand. In fact, a number of high priced real estate properties have been purchased by numerous foreign investors throughout 2007, which is a clear indication that many of the world’s biggest real estate players are keeping an eye on the country for the long term.

The average price for a 3-bedroom villa in Udon Thani is around €190,000, although it could be considerably higher or lower, depending on where in the city you are. Beachfront property will obviously be a little bit higher, and you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of €360,000–and even higher–for a luxury villa by the sea.

Hospitals and Universities of Udon Thani

Thailand is known all over the world as one of the foremost destinations for medical tourism. Many thousands of people come to the country each year for a wide variety of medical reasons, from cardiovascular surgery to cosmetic procedures. The huge number of medical tourists to the country can perhaps be attributed to the excellence of the doctors in Thailand, many of whom have been trained in the finest medical establishments abroad. The first class facilities, the personalized medical care and the extremely low rates of medical services and supplies serve as further attractions.

Udon Thani can stand proudly alongside the Thai capital–which has the best hospitals in the country–with its own Aek Udon International Hospital, which celebrated its 9th year of service in October 2007. The hospital is fully equipped and qualified to handle a wide range of medical concerns, with its departments such as general medicine, general surgery, gastroenterology, physical therapy, plastic and reconstructive surgery, obstetrics, chest medicine, cardiology, and dental care.

You can find Aek Udon International Hospital at 555/5 Posri Road, Udon Thani 41000, and their telephone number is 0-4234-2555.

Commercial Places in Udon Thani

With the large number of expats that visit Udon Thani, it hardly comes as a surprise that there are a large number of restaurants that specialize in different culinary styles from around the world. Of course, there are restaurants that serve native delicacies too, and you really must check them out to get a feel for the real Thailand. But for those times when you are in need of something familiar to keep you from missing home too much, you’ll be glad to have these choices available to you.

Harry’s Bar is one such place, and they serve a good selection of steaks and burgers in a homey Western style setting.

The Aussie Pub & Rest offers an extensive menu of Australian and Western dishes, as you may have guessed, but they also have a fair share of Thai dishes on the menu.

Finally, The Good Everything Restaurant & Bakery lives up to its lofty name with the best European, Japanese and Thai food you can find in the city.

Service Establishments of Udon Thani

The primary provider of electricity supply services in Thailand is the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand or EGAT. The company offers a wide range of services, which you can get more information about from their website at www.egat.com.

Telephone service in Udon Thani is pretty good, just as it is all over Thailand. You can make a call to anywhere in the world from all of the major hotels or from the International call center in town. Domestic calls can be made from the many public telephones that are located throughout the city.

There are two post offices that service the city, and they are open from Monday to Friday at 8.30am to 4.30pm, and on Saturday from 9.00am to noon.

Internet access is readily available from the many Internet centers in the city, and they typically charge a low rate by the hour. T&A Net corner provides high-speed Internet access and an English speaking staff. You can find them on Srisuk road or you can call them at 042-329123.

Embassies in Udon Thani

For consular assistance while you are in Udon Thani, you will have to contact the British Embassy in Bangkok, as there is no consular office in the city at present. The address is 14 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, and you can call them at +66 (0) 2 305 8333 for the main embassy line, (66) (2) 305 8229 for consular information, and at (66) (2) 305 8333 (press 2) for Visa information.

You can also fax them at (66) (2) 305 8372 for chancery, (66) (2) 255 8619 for commercial information, (66) (2) 255 9278 for management, (66) (2) 255 6051 for consular assistance, and at (66) (2) 254 9579 for Visa assistance.

Their email address is [email protected], and you can visit their website at http://www.britishembassy.gov.uk/thailand for more information.

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