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  1. US Expat Tax Support
    CEO of MyExpatTaxes and an IRS Enrolled Agent, Nathalie Goldstein, is hosting a free webinar about Filing US Expat Taxes from Abroad. Find out everything you need to know about preparing your US expat taxes!
  2. US Expat Tax Support
    If you file your FBAR too late, there is still a way to get tax compliant and avoid penalties. Here are two ways you, as an American expat, can catch up and file your late FBARs: If you already filed your tax return (either through us at MyExpatTaxes, another tax company, or on your own): You...
  3. US Expat Tax Support
    Expats usually don’t owe US taxes. We’ve probably said it 100 times. Expats need to file their taxes, but they typically don’t owe US taxes.
  4. US Expat Tax Support
    If you are planning to retire, you need to know that Americans, both in the US and abroad can gain retiree support benefits from the IRS. But this can only happen if you have paid into your Social Security (SS) account over time. To determine if you are eligible to receive Social Security...
  5. US Expat Tax Support
    At MyExpatTaxes, you can file an extension completely free! Yes, you read that right. We’re going to cover exactly how to file a US tax extension abroad for free via our expat tax software. Perform the Following Steps: Set up an account at MyExpatTaxes. We’ll need your name, address, social...
  6. US Expat Tax Support
    HI everyone! We are MyExpatTaxes and we’re based in Vienna. MyExpatTaxes is a software that helps Americans living abroad get tax compliant regardless of how complicated their tax situation is. If you have any US tax inquiries, CEO and IRS Enrolled Agent Nathalie Goldstein is here to help answer...
  7. Expat Tax
    Hi, I'm a UK citizen LPR in the USA and all previous US tax returns have always been straight forward (via TurboTax). In 2021 I created a UK limited company with my business partner and brother in the UK to embark on our own film production company. We raised finance through investment, and...
  8. Expat Tax
    Ask Us Anything! MyExpatTaxes offers DIY tax software specifically for Expats. CEO and IRS Enrolled Agent Nathalie Goldstein is here to help answer your US expat tax questions.
  9. Expat Tax
    Hello, Can anyone provide a US company or CPA with experience in USA tax preparation for US EXPAT living abroad? All my income will be retirement and dividends, no earned income so not too difficult. Thank you for the recommendations. Kristen
  10. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi, Now that the US tax season is approaching, does anyone know of any good tax accountants who file US taxes in the Sydney area? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
1-11 of 30 Results