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  1. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Dear all, I want to submit one of my CDRs based on my master thesis which I published as a conference paper in an international conference. I heard that EA will ask for the thesis and run Turnitin on it. What would be the acceptable percentage for thesis as it shows 18%, these coming from...
  2. Expat Media & Research Requests
    Hey everyone.. My name is Max, Currently I am working on my BA thesis about an evaluation of the assignmentphases of long-term expatriation. Expatriation is very interesting to me and has a great impact on the global market. I would be more than happy if I could involve experiences of and expert...
  3. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi, I have applied for Visa Subclass 189, and am in the process of submitting all documentation to my CO. I had a doubt about thesis question in Form 80. I have a masters degree, and during the final semester I had done a project and submitted a dissertation. Does this qualify as a thesis? If...
1-3 of 9 Results