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  1. US Expat Tax Support
    As an American abroad, forgetting or avoiding a single document can be costly. How would the IRS know you didn’t file an FBAR when required to do so? When you sign up for a bank account as an American expat, you will need to sign additional forms because you are a US citizen. These forms ask...
  2. US Expat Tax Support
    Use this handy expat tax calculator to estimate your stimulus check! 😉
  3. US Expat Tax Support
    We have the most affordable and easy Streamlined Procedure programs in the tax industry. It’s one-third the typical price and includes personal tax support! 😉 Never filed or behind on US Expat Taxes? Get tax compliant today!
  4. US Expat Tax Support
    This procedure helps American taxpayers who are at low-risk violations to become fully compliant without penalties. On September 1st, 2012, the IRS first offered the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures – also known as the streamlined procedure. It was created to help American taxpayers who...
  5. US Expat Tax Support
    As long as you have a foreign bank account as an American abroad, you need to check your bank statements. An FBAR is required every year if you have over $10,000 total from all your foreign financial accounts at any one time during the year. This means if you had $10,010 for one day, you still...
  6. US Expat Tax Support
    Let us know so we can provide more helpful information!
  7. US Expat Tax Support
    Officially, the US tax filing deadline for American expats is June 15, 2022. The IRS grants expats an automatic two-month extension to file US taxes and is quite different than the typical April 15th tax deadline for Americans living in the US. However, if you know you’re not going to be able...
  8. US Expat Tax Support
    You can use the bona fide residence test OR physical presence test to determine whether you are eligible to use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or not. Bona Fide Residence test: Were you a registered resident and subject to local income taxes in your host country for at least a full...
  9. US Expat Tax Support
    Are you ready to file your US expat taxes this year? You can file with us easily, no matter how complicated your tax situation is!
  10. US Expat Tax Support
    Limited time offer! Save 30€ on your upgrade to Professional. File by May 31st. All Professional plan tax returns are reviewed and signed off by an expat tax expert! No code is required. Happy Filing!
  11. US Expat Tax Support
    Having a hard time checking your refund? In order to use the Check my Refund, you need to have the following items with you! Learn more about tax refund delays here
  12. US Expat Tax Support
    CEO of MyExpatTaxes and an IRS Enrolled Agent, Nathalie Goldstein, is hosting a free webinar about June 15, the expat tax deadline! Sign-Up today to save your spot! 🇺🇸 Filing US Expat Taxes Abroad / WEBINAR
  13. US Expat Tax Support
    If you are in a situation where you are filing late taxes, penalties and losing benefits connected to your foreign assets and income may happen. Two specific IRS penalties are for filing late taxes. One is Failure to File, and the other is Failure to Pay. We will explain each one below...
  14. US Expat Tax Support
    If you’re a digital nomad with US citizenship and your worldwide income has reached the tax filing thresholds, then yes – you’ll need to file a US tax return. Filing a US tax return extends beyond the American border. For this matter, the IRS and US government taxes their citizens according to...
  15. US Expat Tax Support
    One of the most common questions we receive is, “do expats have to pay US taxes?” You may be relieved to know many expats usually don’t owe taxes to the IRS when living abroad. This reason comes down to a few tax benefits and exclusions that prevent Americans from double taxation on...
  16. US Expat Tax Support
    To prevent double taxation, Americans in Australia can use the Foreign Tax Credit. Whatever amount of taxes owed you paid in Australia can be applied to your US tax return, so you won’t have to pay taxes twice. Let’s say you have $3,000 of US tax owed on your US Tax Return but paid AUD 4,000...
  17. Other Middle East & Africa
    Hello, I need CPA in Turkey - speaks English.Any suggestions?
  18. US Expat Tax Support
    To put it simply, double taxation is when you have to pay twice on the same source of income. For example, you could be working as a sales manager in the Ukraine as a US citizen. Then when tax season hits, you not only need to pay Ukrainian taxes but US taxes from the same pot of money as well...
  19. US Expat Tax Support
    Yes! You will need to contact your local Embassy or Consulate for an appointment. You do have to make sure to do it in person because The Social Security Administration needs to make sure that the SSN issued won't be used by individuals who have fraudulent intentions.
  20. US Expat Tax Support
    Do you need to file US Expat Taxes? Use this US Expat Tax calculator to check if you need to file a US Tax return! Generally, you need to file if you're: A US citizen (living in the US or abroad), including Accidental Americans. Find out if you are an Accidental American! Green card holder...
1-20 of 42 Results