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  1. Other Asia
    Hi, I have been offered a job in a private school in Singapore as an ESL teacher. The contract is for two years. The penalty of breaking the contract before the two years is up is two month’s salary. I wondered if anyone knew if this was common practice in Singapore? Many thanks! :) Nic
  2. Other Asia
    Hi everyone, I am from the US, and planning to apply for entry-level consulting jobs in Singapore. I have only visited Singapore once for two days, so fairly new to its culture and working environment. Wondering if anyone can share with me how are the working hours for Consultants in...
  3. Other Asia
    Well, you did do your search I guess .. True .. and yes .. it is hard for Foreigners .. and the MOM is tighenting up the rules You can visit and look .. no risk, no gain .. Singapore is not a anti foreigner country. If you worth your salt, you will find an employer and MOM will approve...
  4. Other Asia
    Hi all, Hope all is well. I need your help to find the right path to succeed in my job search. I am having over 8 years exp in Testing in India and now willing to work in Singapore. I registered my profile in SG job portals like Monster, JobsDB, JobStreet etc... and applying for many jobs...
  5. Other Asia
    Hello everyone, I am new to expatforum, i want to know how can i get a job in singapore? should i first get a visit visa and then apply for jobs in Singapore by personally travelling, or should i apply for employment pass ?
1-5 of 7 Results