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  1. Articles: Europe
    Expats living and working in Europe often travel and make frequent trips between countries as well as travelling to their home country and can face paying high roaming charges for their mobile phones. Now that is about to change as the European Parliament has voted to end roaming charges by...
  2. Other Asia
    Hi to all expats living in China... This is my first post on this lovely forum....Hope I'll get good information from experienced expats on this forum... well my question is how to avoid "roaming charges" on China mobile sim....or can i get roaming free sim so I'll take that everywhere in...
  3. Articles: Europe
    Expats in Europe enjoy travelling easily between countries but end up facing huge charges if they use their mobile phone. Now the European Commission has set out plans to reform the telecoms market which will mean cheaper calls with some charges reduced from next year. The EC aims to reduce...
1-3 of 3 Results