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red shirt protestors

  1. Embassies close in Bangkok as violence between troops and anti-govt protestors escalates

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    Embassies in Bangkok are closing and expats and tourists are being advised to avoid the city's central area amid concerns at escalating violence between troops and red shirt anti-government protestors. The British, US and Dutch embassies closed today (Friday May 14) as the Thai government...
  2. Advice issued to expats and travellers amid expectations of further violence in Bangkok

    Articles: Asia
    Britain, France, Sweden and Austria are warning expats in Thailand and citizens visiting the country to stay away from political protests in Bangkok as they could turn more violent. Britain warned its nationals against all but essential travel to the Thai capital due to the 'increasingly...
  3. Caution urged for expats and visitors in Bangkok as city experienced worst violence for almost 20 years

    Articles: Asia
    Expats and visitors to Thailand are being warned to exercise caution in Bangkok after the government declared a severe emergency as the worst political violence in almost 20 years left 21 dead and over 800 injured. The state of emergency covers areas of the capital city and certain districts of...